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SLATE JOINT WAX "MINI", Package of 2


Our original "Slate Joint Wax" in a smaller package for "DIY". Enough to do at least one pool table. Can fill seams and screw holes. Package of 2 sticks, 6"x 3/4" each.



  1. Hold a lit propane torch in one hand and the slate joint wax in the other hand.
  2. Heat the slate joint by slowly guiding the torch along it.
  3. Hold the end of the slate joint wax on the joint and follow, approximately 2 to 3 inches, behind the torch flame. The heat from the slate and the torch will cause the wax to melt and fill the slate joint.
  4. Allow the wax a minute or so to re-harden. Scrape the excess wax off with a scraper. Continue with the remaining slate joints.

*Be careful not to burn your hands with the torch, especially when the wax stick becomes shorter. Slate joint wax can also be used to fill minor pits and slate screw holes. If using to fill screw holes, cover the head of the screw with a small piece of paper or tape before applying the wax. This makes removal easier in the future.