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    CUETEC® BOWTIE TIP TOOL$29.99$18.99
    This 3-function tool is great for keeping your cue tip in playing shape. One end of the tool has a long-life shaper for getting that dome shape back to your tip. The other end has a scuffer to rough up the tip between games. Unscrew the tool to expose the tip aerator which puts tiny perforations in the tip to help it hold chalk without wearing out the tip. Used regularly this tool will surely minimize miscues. It's a must have for any pool player.
  • CueCube.jpg
    CUE CUBE® TIP Shaper/Scuffer$9.49

    A must for every pool player. One side is used to shape your tip to the perfect radius while the other side scuffs your tip to help hold chalk better and minimize miscues. This 1" square of aluminum is embedded with carbide for long life.

  • shaftslicker-2.jpg
    CUE CUBE® CUE SHAFT Slicker$7.49

    The fine-grade leather on one side and a mild abrasive cleaning pad on the reverse side, combine to give you a clean, ultra smooth, protected billiard cue shaft.

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    CUE CUBE® CUE MAINTENANCE Combo Pack$12.99

    An economical way to purchase both great products from Cue Cube. This pool cue maintenance kit includes one Cue Cube and one Shaft Slicker.

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    WILLARD'S CUE TIP SHAPER$14.95$10.99

    The Willard Cue Tip Shaper is designed to quickly and accurately reshape your cue tip to the perfect radius with ease. The carbide grit is brazed inside the curved dome shaped interior and is made to last a lifetime. The measuring gauge on the side of shaper is there to measure your progress as you shape your tip to the perfect radius. The shaper is small and portable, less than 2" in diameter, with a key chain hole punched along the edge in case you like to have it handy at all times.

    Available in either a (Pro .415 nickel) or (Champ .358 dime) radius.

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  • TipTapper_Metal.jpg
    METAL TIP TAPPER$6.50$3.99

    This tip tapper is compact and can go on your key chain, or just about anywhere. It is used to flatten the nap and produce tiny indentations on your cue tip without wearing the tip out. This allows for more consistent play by helping chalk adhere better to your tip and reducing the chance of a miscue, allowing you better cue ball control.

    Available only in black.

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    Q-WIZ Cue Shaft Conditioner$7.95$6.99

    Q-Wiz is a double-sided disc, perfect for conditioning your pool cue shaft. One side is for cleaning and one side is for polishing. The Q-Wiz quickly and easily smooths and polishes your pool cue shafts. You can use Q-Wiz as often as you like without worrying about damaging your shaft or reducing its diameter. You can wash and reuse the Q-Wiz over and over again.

  • Tweeten_shaper.jpg
    Tweeten Cue Tip Trimmer / Shaper$3.95

    This 9" long metal trimmer/shaper is used to shape the top and sides of your tip. It gives you the ability to groom the cue tip the way you like it. Easy to use. Comes with three refills.

  • CueTec_HiTech.jpg
    CUETEC® Hi-Tech Cue Treatment

    --- OUT OF STOCK ---

    CUETEC'S Hi-Tech Cue Treatment is the ultimate product to clean and condition your valuable billiard cue. It will eliminate sticky shafts and maintain your cue like new with an ultra-smooth finish. It will not attract dust and dirt, and protects shafts from chalk penetration. It is moisture resistant and safely cleans and protects any cue wrap. Hi-Tech is the only product safe and effective for all your wood, graphite, fiberglass or composite cues. It contains no petrochemicals, silicone oils, or waxes. It's non-toxic and biodegradable. Simply apply to a cloth, rub on the cue surface and buff lightly with a dry cloth. It's that simple, no waiting or curing. Comes in a 40ml bottle.