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LIQUID DOWELS, Slate Joint Stabilizer

LIQUID DOWELS, Slate Joint Stabilizer

Liquid Dowels Slate Joint Stabilizer is used to keep slate from shifting due to temperature and humidity changes and by vibration. Works great with slate joint wax. It can also be used to make other repairs on your pool table where permanent adhesion is needed. It helps avoid return visits to your customer for "wax creep" and "slate pop". For best results follow the directions enclosed in the package. Comes in a handy 2 ounce bottle.

*Shelf life is approximately 6 months, but can be extended if stored in a location with controlled temperature and humidity such as a refrigerator.

LIQUID DOWELS - 1 Bottle $20.95 LIQUID DOWELS - 4 Bottles $55.00 LIQUID DOWELS - 8 Bottles $102.00 LIQUID DOWELS - 12 Bottles $135.00
How to Use
1. Install slate in the normal manner, center slate first. 2. Before installing end slates insert paper (business card stock) about 1/2" wide between slates at 3 points. 3. Continue with slate installation finally aligning joints. 4. Before sealing joints (with wax etc.) drip 3-5 drops of Liquid Dowels on to paper already in place. 5. Let set for a few moments then sheer off surplus paper and proceed with seam sealing. 6. Continue with your table installation as usual. ALWAYS STORE BOTTLE UPRIGHT IN A COOL, DRY PLACE.