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BOTTELSEN® Kick Ass™ Super Alloy™ Soft Tip Darts (3 color choices)

$17.99 Reg. Price $20.00   You Save $2.01

BOTTELSEN AMERICAN DART LINES, one of the few remaining dart manufacturers in the United States, has been designing and manufacturing quality darts and accessories for over 30 years.

Bottelsen's Kick Ass™ Super Alloy™ darts will give you the same Bottelsen quality at a fraction of the price.  Made of 100% Super Alloy these barrels will hold up against damage as well as maintain a very balanced throw. Darts come in a set of three darts in a Top Box™ package.


  • Super Alloy™ barrels with a coarse knurling grip with spaced rings.
  • Available in three color choices.
  • Precision Balanced.
  • 2ba shafts.
  • 2ba soft tip points.
  • Set of 3 darts in a convenient flip top package.
  • 18 gram weight only.

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